Thursday, July 31, 2008

For the love of Andruw Jones!


According to's Jon Heyman, the Dodgers are back in on the Manny Ramirez talks, but they're offering Andre Ethier, not Matt Kemp.

This after Heyman said last night that the Dodgers had made it clear they were willing to trade Kemp for Ramirez. The Red Sox would surely prefer the right-handed hitter and are likely to hold out for him.

Why? Why? Why? Manny's a rent-a-player and a loco one at that. Ethier is young, cheap, and locked up forever. Sure, when Ramirez walks the Dodgers will get two compensation draft picks, but they're basically hoping that a few years down the road one of them ends up as good as Ethier.

Has Colletti learned nothing? Aging, declining veterans are almost always a bad idea, particularly when you're going to ask them to patrol cavernous Dodger stadium (and, I might add, without the luxury of a DH position if Ramirez tweaks a hammy).


Ben Westrup said...

Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris for Manny Ramirez.

It's a cheap price this year for Manny, but they lose out for the next few years on a good third baseman.

Manny is not enough to get them to the World Series.

Andy LaRoche was not given enough time in L.A. to prove himself.

If Andy LaRoche becomes the new Paul Konerko (i.e. the hot Dodgers prospect that they traded away without really knowing what they had) I am going to stab someone.

Mike Bock said...

Start sharpening your knife.

The Dodgers never learn from their mistakes. How many solid players have they given away for rent-a-vets/journeymen? You could field a championship worthy major league team, with at least two hall of famers, from players they gave up on over the last few decades.