Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How bad is Andruw Jones?

Real, real bad. It's amazing that he's been allowed to accumulate 175-ish at-bats for a major-league franchise. He has personally cost the Dodgers at least five or six wins and many, many millions of wasted dollars.

What do Colby Rasmus, Chris Duffy, Kenny Lofton, Justin Maxwell, Tike Redman, Jerry Owens, Alejandra de Aza, and Rocco Baldelli have in common? They all play[ed] center field. Also, none of them had a single MLB at-bat this year. Not one. And, finally, they all would have had a more positive impact on your fantasy team than Andruw Jones. That's right: you would have been better off leaving your center field (or OF) position blank than to insert fat Andruw.

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