Friday, July 18, 2008

Manny being Manny


Former WBZ sports director Bob Lobel said Thursday that Manny Ramirez was fined "a six-figure amount" for his June altercation with Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick.

Lobel went on the suggest that Ramirez may have taken three straight called strikes in a pinch-hit at-bat on July 6 "to send a message" to the Red Sox. "The bat on the shoulder for the three pitches from Mariano Rivera, that was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox after the fine," Lobel said. "I'm just telling you, there are things in the front office that are perceived. I'm saying that there is a strong feeling that that [three-pitch strikeout] was the message to the Red Sox and it's a strong feeling that that's unacceptable."

How are you going to pick up the guy's option at this point? Can't the $20 million be spent on someone who's not a head case? I'm not even sure Manny would be satisfied if the Red Sox picked up both next year's option and the following year's: he probably wants at least a three, maybe a four, year deal.

I've been pretty sure athletes were dogging it on thousands, if not tens of thousands of occasions. Every Angel's game I watch in person, I normally spot Garret Anderson loafing on at least four or five plays. But this is the first time I've seen an agent or player come out and confirm it. On a few occasions I've heard: "Why am I going to go play injured when I don't have a contract for next year?" Which is a far cry from what Manny apparently did.

What kind of fine would intentionally tanking an at-bat warrant? We know one thing: unless Manny decapitates Theo Epstein, cleans the skull, and glues portions of it to his batting helmet, he's not going to be benched.


Anonymous said...

Unless he's traded by the end of July, Manny will end up on the Yankees next year.

Mike Bock said...

If the Yankees wanted him, why didn't they pick him up last year when he was placed on irrevocable waivers? When no team claimed him, that should have sent Manny a message loud and clear that he's overpaid.

Anonymous said...

Um. This is all on this Lobel guy's say-so. I've heard that the sequence from Mariano was: nasty cutter inside, then two fastballs away, both of which were arguably off the outside corner...