Monday, July 7, 2008

Parra going to the pen?!?!


Manny Parra just came in in relief during the Brewers/Rockies game. Why is Parra, who has won about 68 games in a row ... or would have if the Milwaukee bullpen wouldn't have blown a six-run lead on Thursday, pitching in relief?

It can't be to make way for Sabathia, can it? Didn't Suppan just get put on the 15-day DL? Isn't Seth McClung the guy to get tossed from the rotation if a tossing is needed?

Somebody needs to please explain to me what in the holy hell is going on in Milwaukee.

UPDATE: A quick perusal of some fantasy forums reveals that people just think this is a result of Milwaukee reshuffling their rotation to make way for C.C. And Parra entering today's game in relief could indicate that he likely won't start again until after the All-Star Break. Although Yahoo has a vague note up from KFFL that says Parra is expected to start Friday, July 11th.

Whatever is going on, this is the kind of thing that can fuck up a starting pitcher on a roll, and I don't like my fantasy starters getting put into games in relief, especially when their team's losing anyway.

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