Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudge fallout

Well, it would appear the Yankee organization haven't checked out Pudge's game logs since about 2000. While I tend to think middle relivers are fairly interchangeable, Farnsworth's K-per-inning ratio makes him more than just a spare part (despite the somewhat spotty WHIP). Isn't Molina at least a decent defensive catcher? Something Pudge no longer is?

Pudge moving from the Tigers to Yankee lineup isn't exactly like switching from San Francisco to Philadelphia, so there's no real value bump there. Farnsworth may close, so if you're trolling around for middle relievers to speculate on, why not? Fernando Rodney may work out, Joel Zumaya may have given up his Guitar Hero playing, Todd Jones may be back ... who knows? At a K per inning, give Farnsworth the nod over middle relievers who are solidly blocked by entrenched closers.

The guy who should be snapped up in every league, immediately, is Brandon Inge. He's eligible at catcher, third base, and center field(!!!). And he should be starting from here on out. Sure, his career average is abysmal, but as a bench fill-in or catcher, it's a fair trade-off for the power. He may hit 8-10 home runs from here on out. And he has fresh legs and something to prove. Hell, he's only two years removed from a 27-homer season. (He hit 14 last year). In only 175ish at-bats this year he has eight home runs. Guess how many catchers have more? Nine. And most of them have way more at-bats.

A useful multi-positional player eligible at catcher doesn't exist now that Victor Martinez is hurt. Except for Inge. For a late season push, he may mean a point or two difference, particularly considering how hard it is to find quality replacements or home runs from increasingly thin waiver-wire pools. Given how often catchers go down or take time off in late summer, he may end up starting for you.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Kelly Shoppach than Pudge, Molina, Inge or VMart.

Mike Bock said...

Your actions correspond with your words.

Bob Taylor said...

For some reason, "Pudge fallout" just sounds dirty to me.