Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's in line after Wagner?

Mets closer Billy Wagner is getting an MRI today, which means it's time to figure out who would be in line for the job if he misses any time. Except, there's no clear candidate in this case. Aaron Heilman? Pedro Feliciano? Duaner Sanchez? I honestly have no idea and can't seem to fine any clear answer. Any New Yorkers got the scoop?

UPDATE: Rotoworld is now reporting that Wagner feels fine and isn't getting an MRI. I'm still worried about him. And I still don't know who would close for the Mets if William goes down.


Don Ford said...

Duaner Sanchez has to be the guy. He's got good stuff and has been on fire for the last month. Good to see this guy back after that car crash he was in a few years back. IIRC his pitching arm was broke pretty bad in the wreck.

Bob Taylor said...

Thanks, Don. I think you're right. MRT on Wagner came back negative. Hopefully, he'll be fine for the rest of the season.

Bob Taylor said...

Uh, that was supposed to say "MRI." I don't know what the fuck an "MRT" is.