Monday, August 4, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

-- I shouldn't have to tell you this, but with less than two months left in the season, managing your team now has everything to do with maximizing potential points. If you've got a huge lead in home runs, perhaps with Carlos Quentin, Josh Hamilton and Ryan Ludwick all in your outfield, but can still make up four or five points in strikeouts, don't be afraid to trade Ryan Howard for Cole Hamels ... or even Matt Cain ... hell, maybe even Zack Greinke. Take some time. Do the math. Find out what categories you can gain points in without sacrificing points elsewhere. Don't forget that your league's trade deadline is likely rapidly approaching.

-- Rafael Soriano is back on the DL. I cut bait a long time ago, but the news still made me laugh. A horrible, sickening, soul-killing laugh. I'm now in third place in my bloggers league, but I'm incapable of climbing any higher because I'm the dumbass who counted on Soriano and Saito for saves and Eric Byrnes for steals.

-- Switching leagues seems to have had no negative effect on Jason Bay and Manny Ramirez. In three games, Bay is now 4-for-11 with six runs, one home run and three RBI. Manny is 8-for-13 with four runs, two home runs and five RBI. If anything, these guys have been jump-started by the change of scenery.

-- Shane Victorino is paying huge dividends for everyone who hung onto him during the dark times early in the season or had the sense to trade for him and wait. He's now Yahoo's #2 ranked fantasy player over the last month. I traded for him in one league in May and picked him up in another in June, and now I think I'm in love with the little Hawaiian dude.

-- I swear to whatever higher power you're buds with, if I end up picking second in any fantasy-league drafts next year, I'm taking Jose Reyes again. Yeah, yeah, I know ... Hanley, Utley, Holliday. I don't care. Drafting Reyes is a sickness I just can't cure. And I'll tell you this: for three years running, nobody's lost a league by drafting Reyes second.


Don Ford said...

Thats a great point about trading for potential points at this time of the year...

I'm first in saves, and I could still use some runs/steals so I just traded away Joe Nathan to get Brian Roberts.

Not a deal I would normally make but this time of year, it made sense.

Scott said...

I won my league championship last year, largely in part to drafting Jose Reyes 2nd.

Joseeee Jose Jose Joseeeeeeee