Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

-- Just as I was about to write off Shaun Marcum, he goes and posts two quality starts (and wins) in a row. Now I'm thinking (hoping?) that the time Marcum missed with injury might have him better prepared for the rest of the season. He fell apart late last year. Maybe a little midseason R & R was just what he needed to close strong.

-- In my weekly-lineup money league, I benched the suddenly sucky Matt Garza for rookie not-yet-a-phenom Gio Gonzalez, who gets two starts this week. Garza pitches in Texas on Friday, so you might want to think about benching him, too.

-- Xavier Nady: An underrated fantasy stud no matter what uniform he wears.

-- My condolences to everyone who drafted Justin Verlander as your #1 starter this year.

-- Kerry Wood's maladies are starting to pile up. At this point, my advice would be to put about as much faith in his health as you did back in March.

-- Brandon Phillips is starting to piss me off. A .313 OBP and only eight RBI over the last month. Still better than B.J. Upton, though!

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Bob Taylor said...

B.P. made me feel a little better with that home run last night.