Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

-- Somebody lit a fire under Jose Reyes's ass not long after I whined about his stolen-base totals falling off. He's had six swipes since I wrote that post, including one so far today. I plan on buying a Reyes jersey with my fantasy winnings this season. Might as well since I draft him every single frickin' year.

-- Jeremy Guthrie: Twelve earned runs over his last two outings. End-of-year fatigue may be setting in. In wy weekly-lineup league, I'm benching Guthrie this coming week in favor of Jorge De La Rosa, who gets two starts, one against San Fran.

-- In the race to see who's the better toolsy, Philly outfielder, Jayson Werth might have pulled ahead of Shane Victorino again. Over the last month, Werth has a .430 OBP with five dingers, 15 runs and a pair of stolen bases. Victorino's at .315 with two home runs, 16 runs and three steals.

-- Miggy Cabrera's up to 100 RBI and 28 home runs. Nobody lost a fantasy league this year by drafting him with any first-round pick.

-- Xavier Nady: 5-for-23 with no home runs and two RBI over the last week. Yucky. He did that a few times in Pittsburgh this year, too, and each time you probably thought, "Yep, Nady is back to being his barely-average self." But he always seemed to heat up again. I'm continuing to start him in two leagues.

-- Jensen Lewis game up two earned runs each of his last two outings. Still he was seven-for-his-first-seven. I wouldn't be dropping him for Rafael Perez.

-- Crap. I think I jinxed Joe Nathan. Two blown saves since I made an off-hand remark about how reliable he is.

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