Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pick me ups and drops

-- Troy Percival just went down, mid-inning, with a hamstring injury. Balfour came in. If by some miracle he's a free agent, pick him up immediately.

-- Marlon Byrd must something like 40 for his last 50 at-bats and is batting fifth for the Rangers. Grab him if still available.

-- Omar Infante is starting everyday, he's playing well, and I think he's eligible everywhere but catcher.

-- The list of guys to cut could field a decent looking fantasy team on draft day. Carl Crawford, Carlos Lee, Chris Young, Victor Martinez ... wow, it's getting pretty ragged out there.

-- At this point, trying to keep a full offense is more important than keeping your innings count up. You can always pick and choose starters (like red-hot Jamie Moyer starting at San Diego tomorrow), but it's a lot tougher to find decent bench players.

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