Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Line of the Day: Geovany Soto

The Line is at the end of this article. But that's not what's notable here. What's important is that I was at this Cubs-Pirates game, and it was the worst-played game of baseball I have ever seen in person in my life. Thirteen out of 18 leadoff hitters got on base, whether by hit or walk or, in Nyjer Morgan's case, K+wild pitch. That was one of three wild pitches in the game, plus a passed ball. The Cubs made three errors, including a can of corn fly ball that Alfonso Soriano completely whiffed on. Starters Ian Snell and Carlos Zambrano looked lost (and both threw a hissy fit in the dugout).

Brandon Moss was thrown out at third during a display of horrible baserunning. The veteran's veteran Doug Mientkiewicz was allowed his first triple in more than two years. With runners on first and third, Jack Wilson was asked to lay down a surprise bunt and bunt-popped foul to the first baseman. With the bases loaded and no outs in the eighth, Craig Hansen walked the next two batters. There were only two natural 1-2-3 innings in the entire damn game. (Although only three Pirate batters came to the plate in the seventh because Morgan was caught stealing when he slid off the bag after being safe by a mile.)

In the end, it took three hours and 59 minutes to get through nine. Just awful, awful baseball ... with a lone, beautiful bright spot ... my 2008 summer fling ...

Geovany Soto: 3-for-5, 3 runs, 1 HR, 7 RBI

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