Friday, August 8, 2008

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Guess who's back (back ... back ...)
Back again (again ... gain ...)
Rocco's back (back ... back ...)
Tell a friend...

And let the friend spend a waiver claim or some FAA$ instead of you.

Look, nostalgia can be a wonderful thing. It keeps Hallmark stores and oldies radio stations and Garrison Keillor in business. But it has no place in fantasy baseball. And adding Baldelli, taking into consideration only what he can give you for the rest of the season, would be pure nostalgia.

Even if Baldelli were to get activated tomorrow, he's a platoon player versus lefties, who'd clog up an OF or DH spot for you. That sound like the sort of player who'd help your team down the stretch? At all?

Just remember -- this isn't the same guy who stole 27 bags in 2003. This is a guy who figures to get maybe 100 AB for the rest of the season. Let someone else waste the roster spot.

1 comment:

Ian said...

thanks for the advice, but i'm pretty sure that no one is rushing to add Baldelli, gimme a break