Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yahoo player notes upgraded

Have you Yahoo users noticed the big change with player notes? When you click on a player's note icon, instead of being sent to a whole new page, you now get a little scrollable box that opens right there overtop of your team page. Good idea from Yahoo's tech folk, though I'm not sold on the execution. The big problem is that when you click on the notes for a player at the bottom of your screen, the note box opens below screen level -- i.e. where you can't actually see it -- and you have to scroll down your team page to read the notes. I'm not sure why programmers couldn't have the full note box appear on screen, perhaps justified bottom, no matter where on screen the player you've clicked on's name is located. Also, with Firefox (though not with Explorer), there's way too much wasted space above the player's name at the top. (Firefox users are people too, damn it! Remember that when you're coding.)


Don Ford said...

Good idea, poor execution. The box needs to be bigger.

Bob Taylor said...

Yeah, that, too. It could stand to be A LOT wider.

Bob Taylor said...

Oh, my god, and now they have little ads attached to the bottom of them.