Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yahoo wants your keeper-league business

Noticed some cool stuff today when I set the draft order for the fantasy football league that I commish. (Hey, I just used "commish" as a verb. Neat!) Anyway, the first new thing Yahoo did was ask me if I wanted to set any keeper players. I can't recall ever being asked that by Yahoo before, so it looks like the site has just gone a long way toward becoming keeper-league friendly. (A note before I continue: My football league is a Yahoo Plus league. I'm not sure if all of these features are available in their free leagues.)

In addition, Yahoo gave me the option to have a snaking draft (the usual 1-14, 14-1) or a non-snaking draft (1-14, 1-14), which is again another bone thrown to keeper leagues, some of which draft that way. My football league is not a keeper league, but I played around with it for a minute and everything looked intuitive and easy to use. I assume these features will all be available for Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues next season.

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El Jefe said...

Yahoo has supported Keeper Leagues for the past few years in baseball -- but only in the PLUS leagues. Another limitation of the baseball set up is you can only pre set ten players per team to be kept.

It would be nice if Yahoo tossed us a bone next year and gave away the keeper feature free in baseball like they are doing in football this year. Id also love them to make daily transactions an option in free leagues...i guess they have to make money somehow...