Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008 Hurlie Awards (Daniel's Picks)

I, too, feel that "value" should factor in when handing out fantasy baseball awards. That being said, here are my award winners:

  1. Albert Pujols - What this guy does with one good arm is amazing. I won't be passing over him next season.
  2. Dustin Pedroia - His ADP was 165. He currently leads the majors with 211 hits.
  3. Josh Hamilton - Another ADP of 165. What didn't he do right this year?
  4. Grady Sizemore/Hanley Ramirez - 33 HR/38 SB and 33 HR/35 SB respectively.
  5. Carlos Quentin - 36 HR/100 RBI from the virtually undrafted.
  1. Cliff Lee - He was so good this season, I wouldn't be surprised to see him win the AL MVP and Cy Young awards.
  2. Frankie Rodriguez - As unimportant as the save has become in real baseball, it is still fantasy baseball gold. Receiving 62 from one player is priceless.
  3. Mike Mussina - Possibly another 20 game winner who was largely undrafted.
  4. Tim Lincecum - Dominant!
  1. Geovany Soto - Ranked the #3 catcher on ESPN and # 5 on Yahoo. Rarely does a rookie live up to the hype, let alone a rookie catcher. That's right Salty, I'm talking to you!
  2. Jacoby Ellsbury - .280/98/9/46/50 - I'll take that line from a rookie OFer any day.
  3. Evan Longoria - 27 homers in 120 games. Is 35 out of the question for 2009?
FANTASY SLEEPERS - Look carefully at this list of players. There is tons of value available in the late rounds of drafts  as well as on the waiver wire. Use the early rounds of your draft to go after proven talent.
  1. Cliff Lee/Carlos Quentin/Mike Mussina - Already mentioned.
  2. Aubrey Huff - Leads the majors with 82 extra-base hits. ADP of 348.
  3. Nate McLouth - He had 13 HR and 22 SB in 329 AB in 2007 but did anyone notice? I drafted him in six leagues. ADP of 298.
  4. Brad Lidge - 40 for 40 in save opportunities this season. A number one closer with an ADP of 145.
  5. Milton Bradley - 3rd in the AL in BA (.324); 3rd in the ML in OPS (1.006); ADP of 359.
  1. Carl Crawford - If only he lived up to the hype...JUST ONCE!
  2. Victor Martinez - Top-ranked catcher finishes with 2 HR in 261 AB. BUST!
  3. Carlos Guillen - His HR and RBI numbers were cut in half (21/102 to 10/54).
  4. Eric Byrnes - Words can't express how disappointed I am that he turned into a bust this year.
  5. Erik Bedard - On average, he was selected ahead of CC Sabathia. Tell me those owners aren't kicking themselves.
  6. JJ Putz - Selected, on average, ahead of KROD. His 14 of 22 save opps prove how risky paying for saves can be in the early rounds.
I know all three of us that have posted our awards have put a lot of effort into it and would really appreciate it if the regular readers of this site would take some time to drop a comment to agree, disagree or nominate your own award winners. 


Rob said...

I agree Byrnes huge bust this year and I might believe he was a fluke. I dont know how you can even compile a list of sleepers and not list ludwick...

Daniel Aubain said...

I couldn't even keep with the "three players per award" guidelines I was given when asked to write my article. I agree Ludwick was a huge sleeper but I tried to be unique.
If we all tried to name 10 players per category there would still be guys left out.

Edwin said...

Well, I was spot on about Pujols, but the Crawford and Bedard picks killed my team.

Rob said...

Ha yeah you're right. I picked up Ludwick this year so i have a small mancrush on him haha. I wonder if he'll be anything close to this next year.