Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bits o' Hurl

-- You know who's extremely valuable right now? Guys who take up only one roster spot yet can be plugged into a variety of holes. I'm looking at you Marco Scutaro (2B-3B-SS-OF) and Pablo Sandoval (C-1B-3B). Both are playing almost every day, are playing extremely well and have kickass names to boot. If they're available in your league, pick them up for the last week and a half and never leave a hole in your lineup.

-- Earlier this week, I streamed Cleveland rook Scott Lewis, and he rewarded me with six innings of shutout ball against the Twins. So I'm streaming him again tomorrow versus Detroit. Dude has yet to give up an earned run.

-- Justin Morneau is ridiculously consistent when it comes to driving in runs. Here are his monthly RBI totals this year: April-22, May-20, June-21, July-23, August-22, September-20. He'll get MVP votes.

-- Let me ask you guys this: Would you like it better if I dropped the Line of the Day entirely in '09 and instead committed to at least three Bits o' Hurl every week? I ask because I honestly might not have it in me to do both, especially toward the end of the year. LotDs in September are becoming a grind.


Anonymous said...

That's a tough call because LODs are something unique you guys do. But if I had to make a call (we can't always get what we want) I'd say go with the Bits O' Hurl. LODs are basically just a snapshot of the past--looking at someone's great day. But bench player A can get a LOD and our opinion of him won't change much and Jose Reyes can get one and our opinion of him won't change much. But in your Bits o' Hurl your provide interpretation and analysis and speculation. Not to mention if bench player A has a LOD performance you can mention it there and give your thoughts or if Jose Reyes gives a LOD performance you can mention your continuing love.

Bob Taylor said...

Trust me, NOTHING will stop me from mentioning my continuing Jose Reyes love ... certainly not the format of this blog.

Rob said...

Man-crush on Reyes, anyone?!?!?!?

Bob Taylor said...

Dude, just run a search for "Jose Reyes" at this blog. It gets embarrassing.

Don W. said...

I lubs me some Reyes! That said, I'd prefer more Bits o'Hurl - anyone spot on in fantasy baseball knows who had monster days the morning after. Maybe a LotW for one or two players who really went crazy, instead?