Sunday, September 28, 2008

Line of the Day: CC Sabathia

Oh, what a season CC had. It started with that horrific April in Cleveland that had owners dumping him left and right, and ended in September in Milwaukee, with the poor guy seemingly throwing 120-pitch shutouts every fourth day. I will not be drafting Sabathia next year. I hear his pitching arm is now attached to his body thanks only to paper clips and duct tape.

CC Sabathia: 9 IP, 4 hits, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K for the W

Let me quickly say thanks to those who stuck with us the entire season. Hope you fared well in your leagues. (I played in three leagues and finished 1st of 16, 2nd of 14 and 6th of 12, so I had an incredibly successful season.) We'll still be posting here at the Hurler this fall and winter. Far, far less often, of course, but I do have a couple of things planned for this offseason. A wrap-up of my bloggers league is coming today or tomorrow. Plus, there's the matter of getting a group together for the inaugural Hurler Fantasy League, which I am still planning for '09. Stay tuned.


Daniel Aubain said...

As I pointed out in my Steady Stream, no way was CC leaving this game in the hands of Torres or Gagne. The Brewer Crew powers-that-be must feel they aren't going to be able to afford him next season and are running him out there with no regard for 2009.
I'm sure my Yankees will swoop in and offer him the world (see Pavano).

Anonymous said...

man i just came up short in my H2H 16 team league lost by one save that qualls should have got except johnson went the distance to screw my whole season up

Rob said...

Nice work this year. I like what you guys do. I get four keepers for next year who are you taking? its a yahoo standard scoring league.

Johan Santana
Cliff Lee
Ryan Dempster
Tim Lincecum
David Wright
Mark Teixeira
Ryan Ludwick

Im thinking Timmy, Johan, Wright, and Teixeira. What do you think?

Bob Taylor said...

@ rob:

Thanks. And you DEFINITELY keep the four you mentioned. I think that's dead on.

Kevin said...

Thanks for a great blog this season, guys. Really appreciated the info and dialogues. Let's get Alexei Ramirez some love, as he may have just vaulted my beloved White Sox into a playoff game:) Clutch cargo, indeed....

And please keep me in mind for the league next year, Bob. Just remember, everyone's on board in the beginning of the season. I'm here on the last day :)

May your football teams do well also. And happy hunting this offseason!

Ben Lea, staff blogger said...


The Cuban Missile! 4 grand slams as a rookie!

(To everyone else: yes, we know. We know that that's a complete fluke, predicated on the number of times a batter comes up with the bases loaded as well as ... well ... any number of other terribly variable ... variables. After the way the Sox limped to the finish line this year, we fans need celebrate something.)