Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Season killers

It's not players you cut and draft who ruin you; it's those you don't. An injury to any player can sometimes be far less cruel than a season of underwhelming performances. You can cut bait on Rafael Furcal and move on, but what are you supposed to do with Robinson Cano? There's always a Carlos Quentin to pick up (if you act quickly), but sometimes Eric Byrnes lingers around just long enough that you're scraping the barrel in May instead of picking ripe fruit in April.

In no particular order, some of the players who have killed me this year.

1.) Oliver Perez: Damn him forever.

2.) Chris Young (San Diego pitcher): Man, I didn't see this coming. He was mediocre through the first month, then broke his nose, wasted my time, had one disastrous outing, and basically vanished. My number one sleeper, who I had in three leagues, was a big time disaster.

3.) C.J. Wilson: He didn't really need to give me a lesson in why mediocre closers can do as much harm as good, but he did anyway.

4.) Adam Dunn: I didn't really need the homers, as it turned out, but, boy, did I definitely not need that batting average. If he had just batted .260, I might have finished in the money in an additional league or two.

5.) Prince Fielder is another player I had in three leagues. Get back on the meat for 2009, Prince.


Daniel Aubain said...

I targeted and drafted Alex Gordon in eight, that's right, EIGHT leagues with an ADP of 123.4.
I was looking for .280 25/15 and instead would have gotten .254 14/7 if I hadn't cut and run around the All-Star break.
New strategy for 2009...diversity.

calibob02 said...

I agree about Oliver Perez. I was able to get rid of Adam Dunn for Manny, so I'm actually okay with Dunn from my perspective. I would like to add Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez to my shit list. Verlander has been killing me all year and I just can't let him go. As you pointed out, V Mart hit his first HR today. Rat bastard.

Anonymous said...

Losing Gallardo hurt.. Rich Hill and Izzy going mental killed my pitching. I'm lucky if I finish third.

Bob Taylor said...

Rich Hill. Justin Verlander. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Rafael Soriano. Eric Byrnes. Oliver Perez.

Fuck 'em all.