Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So when's the last day of the season?

Technically, it's Sunday. And if you scroll through the remaining days using your Yahoo fantasy roster, you'll find that you currently can't scroll past Sunday. However, at the moment, the Cubs and Astros are scheduled to play the last of the Hurricane Ike makeup games on Monday, if that game should be necessary ... which it won't be unless the Astros can make up four games on the Mets and three on the Brewers before Monday. Well, that seems incredibly unlikely, but if a Houston miracle does happen, and if you're in a super-tight race for points in one or more offensive category, be ready to pick up as many available Cubs and Astros players as possible on Sunday.

UPDATE: One of my Yahoo leagues is a weekly league with lineup changes due Sunday night. Even though the Yahoo schedule does not yet acknowledge the possible Monday game, the system still lets you add and drop players for a proverbial next week. So I just cut two bench players for Michael Bourn and Kosuke Fukudome, as I'm in a ridiculous tight race for stolen-base points. Again, this Monday game is likely not going to happen, but better safe than sorry, right?


Daniel Aubain said...

It's unlikely that Yahoo! or ESPN will extend the season to include this game, especially in h2h matchups. I think their seasons are set in stone and stats from any additional games played past Sunday simply wouldn't count. Might be worth posing the question to your provider.

Bob Taylor said...

Last year, there was that Padres-Rockies one-game playoff that took place on Monday, Oct. 1, and Yahoo DID NOT count stats from that game (even though CBS and ESPN did). However, it might be a different story this year, since the theoretical Cubs-'Stros game wouldn't be an extra one-game playoff, but an actual part of the 162-game regular season.

Emphasis on might.