Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Steady Stream

Here's a short list of streamers for the usual light schedule of games for a Thursday (September 11th).
  • Shaun Marcum (67.7%) @ Chigaco White Sox: I normally try to recommend players available in 50% or less of leagues but if Marcum is available...GET HIM! Check out these numbers in his 14 quality starts (7-1, 99.1 IP, 1.63 ERA, 0.98 ERA, 8.06 K/9).
  • Brandon Morrow (40.6%) @ LA Angels: Morrow was very effective as a reliever this season (10 saves, 1.47 ERA, 11.69 K/9) and equally "streamable" in his first start of the season (7.2 IP, 1 ER, 3 BB, 8 K, W, QS). I look for more of the same against the division-clinched Angels. Some guys will get a day off.
  • Jamie Moyer (16.4%) @ home vs. Milwaukee: In Moyer's last five starts (29 IP), he's 3-0 with a 2.79 ERA and a 1.28 WHIP. That seems stream-worthy.
Here are a few others with varying degrees of risk associated with their next start:
  • Ubaldo Jimenez (29.4%) @ Atlanta: Jimenez is 2-1 in his last four starts with nice 9.36 K/9 and 1.91 KBB ratios but an ugly 6.10 ERA with a 1.49 WHIP.
  • Dallas Braden (1.4%) @ home vs. Texas: Braden has been very good in his last 30.2 IP (2.64 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 2.29 KBB) but streaming against Texas' 3rd ranked offense is risky.
  • Zach Duke (1.0%) @ Houston: I had to double-check that I was looking at the right numbers when researching Duke's last 30 days (35 IP, 36 H, 3.86 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 2.71 KBB), but his 1-3 record during that span made me realize not streaming Pirate pitchers is still a good policy.
I try to get these posts done as early as possible to help out those of you in Yahoo! leagues but a real day job, a wife, a new baby boy (two months old) and two other boys under four years old makes finding free time to write about a passion of mine difficult. Other sites such as ESPN that allow same-day changes makes my "job" easier.


Anonymous said...

Moyer on three days rest?Youre kidding me..........

Daniel Aubain said...

I thought Maddux and Miner were good streamers last week according to their recent numbers.
I'd be looking for Marcum and Morrow before Moyer.

Tread lightly through the murky waters of streaming pitchers.