Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Steady Stream

If you're in a head-to-head league and need to stream some pitchers, now is the time to throw everything and the kitchen sink at your opponent. Let's evaluate every matchup for Sunday, September 28th:
  • CC Sabathia (100%) @ home vs. Angel Guzman (0%): With the Brewers needing a win to keep their playoffs hopes alive and CC pitching to prove he's a big game pitcher deserving of big game pitcher money next season, it's almost a given that he's going to throw a complete game even if it takes 150 pitches.
  • Tim Lincecum (100%) @ home vs. Hiroki Kuroda (38.6%): Lincecum will probably go all out in his final start to prove he is worthy of the NL Cy Young.
  • Kyle Kendrick (2.1%) @ home vs. Odalis Perez (3.1%): Kendrick has been horrible. Odalis has been bad. Bad beats horrible. Good Luck!
  • James Shields (97.0%) @ Zach Miner (4.5%): It's being reported that Shields will only pitch one inning in preperation for his playoff start. Why bother? Miner seems like a decent stream option.
  • Mike Mussina (94.2%) @ Daisuke Matsuzaka (98.5%): Mussina goes for win number 20 while Matsuzaka tunes up for his playoff start. Neither are streaming options. Sit back and enjoy this rivalry's last game of 2008.
  • Bryan Bullington (0.3%) @ Mark Buehrle (63.6%): Cleveland decided to sit an injured Cliff Lee. Buehrle is pitching on three days rest and if he is available, your league gave up long ago on being competitive.
  • Kevin Millwood (9.8%) @ Joe Saunders (88.2%): Saunders, returning from kidney stones, is simply pitching to get some work in before the playoffs. Millwood is searching for his only win in September and is probably streamworthy. He may be pitching versus a roster full of nobodies.
  • Randy Johnson (74.0%) @ home vs. Ubaldo Jimenez (39.3%): Johnson is 45 years old. Jimenez is 24 years old. Just thought I'd point that out. Stream Jimenez, if necessary.
  • Kyle Lohse (72.9%) @ home vs. Adam Pettyjohn (0.1%): Lohse was a fantasy gem (15-6, 3.78 ERA, 20 QS). Pettyjohn is stepping in for Edinson Volquez.
  • Scott Olsen (27.1%) @ Oliver Perez (67.1%): Personally, I'd love to see Olsen shut the Mets down so the Brewers can make it into the playoffs. You never know which Perez will show up for the game. Mets haters, stream Olsen.
  • Scott Baker (56.9%) @ home vs. Brandon Duckworth (0.4%): If Baker can't win this game against the Royals then the Twins don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Stream him if he's available.
  • Jesse Litsch (31.5%) @ Jeremy Guthrie (23.8%): Litsch has been dominant since being recalled from AAA (2.00 ERA, 41 H in 54 IP). Guthrie hasn't pitched since August 29th due to shoulder fatigue. Stream Litsch!
  • Mike Hampton (1.5%) @ Wandy Rodriguez (29.7%): Wandy is iffy for his last start and Hampton could fall to pieces at any moment.
  • Sidney Ponson (3.1%) @ Tim Wakefield (15.5%): Wakefield at home is a better streaming option than Ponson pitching anywhere. This one has slugfest written all over it.
  • Russ Ohlendorf (0.4%) @ Cha Seung Baek (6.9%): Never stream Pirates' pitchers. Baek at home out of desperation.
  • Josh Outman (1.4%) @ R.A. Dickey (0.4%): Let's just combine them into a separate unknown and call them "Dickey Outman". Flip a coin. Maybe one of these guys will get the win.
Good luck streaming on the final day of the season. Anything can and will happen as most teams have nothing to lose.


calibob02 said...

Thanks for this. I have two leagues that are coming down to the last day - in one I'm battling for first, and the other I'm battling for second, so this really helps.

Daniel Aubain said...

Wasn't too far off with CC. 9 IP, CG, 122 pitches thrown.
He's "big time".