Monday, September 1, 2008

Yahoo unveils a new draft interface

Held our league's fantasy football draft last night and was surprised to find Yahoo was using a brand new draft client for live online drafts. Putting players in your draft queue is now a matter of dragging and dropping. Graphics are a lot snazzier, and a smorgasbord of statistics are presented right there in the draft window. (In years past, I've always kept another window open to peruse stats on player pages.) A chime now sounds to let you know it's your pick. (And it's a pleasant chime, as opposed to the ear-splitting, coma-ending "NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!!!" that Mock Draft Central uses.) I'm sure there were even more tweaks, variations and additions. What else did you Yahoo football drafters notice?


Rob said...

I noticed that some of the players in my league got a keeper tag when they drafted certain players. Strange thing, though, is that this is not a keeper league! It was a Yahoo public league and we have no keepers. I imagine it was just a bug in Yahoo at the time. Any thoughts?

Daniel Aubain said...

Football talk on a baseball site? Sacrilegious! May God shed His (Mark) Grace on us all.

Rob said...

I am in 8 Fantasy Baseball leagues so I feel vindicated to make 1 post about my sole Fantasy Football league :)

Bob Taylor said...

@ Rob:

Yeah, there were a lot of quirky little bugs we noticed. I drafted on a laptop while sitting right next to a few leaguemates drafting on their laptops. One of them noticed that keeper tag on one of his draft picks, too, even though we're not a keeper league.

There was also a note telling you how many draft picks before your next pick that would come and go at random. Sometimes I could see it when my leaguemates could not and vice versa. Yahoo's got some things to iron out.

@ Daniel:

Normally I'd agree, but updates Yahoo makes for football season usually end up being fantasy-baseball features, as well.