Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay, let's see if we got this right...

-- They struggled and scuffled for years because of something they did that was wrong.

-- Then, overcoming decades of absolute squalor, coming close to but never quite managing to get ahead, they finally achieve the ultimate success...

-- And immediately thereafter, turn completely evil.

-- And now, the story line is all about how they have to redeem themselves ... again.

-- And, they just won't die.

Are we sure that the Red Sox aren't this guy?

Of course, that'd make Theo Epstein this guy, which would just be too funny.


Anonymous said...

They are "evil"? A little girly/whiny, no? My guess is you're a jealous Yanks or Angels fan. Don't hate just because Boston has dominated sports the last 5 years.

Ben Lea, staff blogger said...

Anonymous must be new here, since he/she hasn't read my clearly-stated discussion of who I root for. Well, welcome! Good to have you here!

(In print, the lack of irony doesn't really come through on that; for that, I'm sorry. It truly is good to know that we're bringing in new readers, even after the season's over.)

Now, I demand to know who removed my "Evil Guy Smiley Vampire Puppet Angel" label from the post.