Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10 Hitters of 2008

With the regular season behind us and the playoffs rolling along, I figured I'd take some time to look back at the 2008 season and discuss the top ten hitters and pitchers, statistically speaking. First up ... the hitters.

I had the pleasure of competitively participating in 10 fantasy baseball leagues (eight Yahoo, two ESPN) of varying types (rotisserie, head-to-head rotisserie, points, head-to-head points) and each format produced a slightly different Top 10. Let's take a look at the results from five different formats:

ESPN Player Rater
1. Pujols; 2. Reyes; 3. H. Ramirez; 4. Holliday; 5. Wright; 6. M. Ramirez; 7. Berkman; 8. Pedroia; 9. A. Rodriguez; 10. Sizemore

Yahoo Rotisserie
1. Pujols; 2. Wright; 3. M. Ramirez; 4. H. Ramirez; 5. Berkman; 6. Holliday; 7. Reyes; 8. Hamilton; 9. Beltran; 10. A. Rodriguez

ESPN Head-to-Head Points
1. Pujols; 2. Wright; 3. Beltran; 4. Utley; 5. Pedroia; 6. Teixeira; 7. Berkman; 8. Reyes; 9. Sizemore; 10. McLouth

Yahoo Points
1. Pujols; 2. Reyes; 3. Beltran; 4. Wright; 5. Sizemore; 6. Berkman; 7. Pedroia; 8. H. Ramirez; 9. Teixeira; 10. Utley

ESPN Head-to-Head Rotisserie
1. Pujols; 2. Berkman; 3. H. Ramirez; 4. Holliday; 5. Wright; 6. Sizemore; 7. Reyes; 8. M. Ramirez; 9. Beltran; 10. Utley

Clearly, Albert Pujols was the best offensive player of the year and more impressively, he did it all with one elbow tied behind his back. What I found most interesting though was how many National League players we listed in each format before the first American League player showed up. And even more surprisingly, that first AL player tended to be a Mr. Dustin Pedroia.

So I am going to use this information to select the top three in the AL and NL MVP Awards.

AL MVP Winner: Dustin Pedroia
2nd Place: Grady Sizemore
3rd Place: Josh Hamilton

NL MVP Winner: Albert Pujols
2nd Place: David Wright
3rd Place: Hanley Ramirez

Who are your top three AL and NL MVP Award standings?

Next up ... the pitchers.


Daniel Aubain said...

Not one comment?
Boy, everyone must be totally entrenched in fantasy football.

Daniel Aubain said...

Well, I got Pujols right but wasn't even close on 2nd and 3rd. I think I see that David Wright came in 7th.
Manny and CC ate up a ton of votes. Just goes to show that the whole system is flawed when attempting to deal with mid-season trades and whether or not a player's team makes the playoffs.

Daniel Aubain said...

Well, I went 4-for-4 in picking the winners for CY Young and MVP but not nearly as successful in picking the runner-ups for the NL and AL MVPs.

Good luck surviving the off-season. I officially have the shakes.