Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Tims split the Bloggers League title

Congrats to RotoRob's Tim McLeod and Roto Authority's Tim Dierkes, who tied for co-champions of the 12-team Bloggers League I represented Fantasy Hurler in this summer.

McLeod was a co-winner despite drafting Victor Martinez in the third round. (Proof that in fantasy baseball, one really bad early draft pick can be overcome.) He struck gold with Ian Kinsler in the 6th, Adrian Beltre in the 8th, Roy Halladay in the 9th and Carlos Delgado in the 13th. Dierkes's notable draft picks included taking both Martin and Mauer early to shore up that position in a two-catcher league, along with Matt Kemp in the eighth, Nate McLouth in the 18th, Kerry Wood in the 23rd and Rick Ankiel in the 26th and final round. Dierkes also jumped first on Cliff Lee, and tallied 17 of his 22 wins. Dierkes himself wraps up his Bloggers League season in this post. McLeod also mentions it briefly here. These guys put on a fantasy management clinic this summer. Check out their sites, if you haven't already.

My team ended up in sixth place, not too bad considering the massive hole I dug myself in April and May, but still slightly disappointing considering I was as high as third in mid-August. The Semptember drop came because (a) my hitters shit the bed and (b) I hit the innings-pitched max two weeks before the season ended and was eventually passed in a couple of categories by a few people. I honestly never realized I was that close to the 1,500 IP limit. I suppose I could argue that that number was set a bit low for a daily league that starts nine pitchers, but, hey, I knew what the limit was when I signed up. So I'm the idiot so not checking. And I'm the fucking idiot who didn't get the stats from CC Sabathia's last several starts because I was too busy starting Armando Galarraga mid-summer. Ugh.

Still, top half in a league full of experts isn't too bad. If I get invited back next year -- umm, maybe a big if -- hopefully I can improve. But for '08, these were the final standings:

1. RotoRob 95
1. Roto Authority 95
3. MVN (1) 80
4. Fantasy Baseball Mafia 79.5
5. Fantasy Gameday 75
6. Fantasy Hurler 65
7. Fake Teams 60
8. Razzball 57.5
9. Brock for Broglio 51
10. Rotonomics 45.5
11. Crooked Pitch 44.5
12. MVN (2) 32


Daniel Aubain said...

How many of these "experts" bailed?
How does one team run by an expert only get 32 points?

Ben Lea, staff blogger said...

Please tell me this was a league with financial rewards. I'd love to be able to say "When two Tims go to war, money's all that you can ... scooooooooore."

(The good news about that comment is that it's so obscure that I'm only revealing my age to about six people.)

Cornhusker said...

As one who competed in the league (to the end, coming 4th, I know that reference - ah, the bad boys of '80s Britpop: caused many a scandal this side of the pond. Damn! Showing my age, now, too.

Daniel Aubain said...

So again, how does an "expert" get only 32 points?

Bob Taylor said...

Either by sucking or quitting, but there's no need to dwell on it, Daniel. We've been there, done that. Those who played to the end indeed played hard.

Bob Taylor said...

Although ... the dude for Crooked Pitch actually DID play most of the season. (Or, at least, until Sept. 15, which was the date recorded for his "last league activity.") And I know he was still participating when I wrote my Quitters Suck article in August, so his 44.5 points are genuine.

Now THAT'S a bad fantasy season.