Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who'd Ya Rather? (Results Edition)

How 'bout we compare some final stat lines for guys we debated, contrasted and ultimately fought about here at the Hurler this year?

Alex Rios vs. Alfonso Soriano

Alex Rios: .291-91-15-79-32, Yahoo rank -- #52
Alfonso Soriano: .280-76-29-75-19, Yahoo rank -- #75

This one was batted back and forth a couple times this season, and I even suggested in April that Rios was the more valuable player, especially in keeper leagues. In the end, both were disappointing. Rios underperformed his projections while Soriano, as he does, lost significant time to injury. Still, Alex bested Alfonso in four of five fantasy categories. Soriano's games played and at-bats have dropped significantly each of the last two years. I'm still taking Rios ahead of him in 2009.

Brandon Phillips vs. B.J. Upton

Brandon Phillips: .261-80-21-78-23, Yahoo rank -- #107
B.J. Upton: .273-85-9-67-44, Yahoo rank -- #82

Mike and I fought about this and fought about this and fought about this. And, ultimately, it didn't much matter which of these guys you had this season. Phillips did end up giving you significantly more home runs, while Upton swiped almost twice as many bags. I'm the one who backed Phillips all year but will now admit that this is the best you're going to get with him. Upton has way more upside (assuming he can grow the fuck up and stop getting benched for being a selfish, lazy player) ... but then again he can't play second base for you anymore. So why am I still jabbering on about these two? Let's move on.

Johan Santana vs. Jake Peavy

Johan Santana: 234.1 IP-16 wins-206 K-2.53-1.15, Yahoo rank -- #21
Jake Peavy: 173.2 IP-10 wins-166 K-2.85-1.18, Yahoo rank -- #77

Yeah, I'm the idiot for thinking Peavy would have the better season. But I'm also the genius who bet a friend that Santana wouldn't win NL Cy Young this year (and laid him 2-to-1 odds)! At least, I better look like a genius. It's gotta be Lincecum or Webb, right? Right?!

Jason Bay vs. Andruw Jones

Jason Bay: .286-111-31-101-10, Yahoo rank -- #25
Andruw Jones: .158-21-3-14-0, Yahoo rank -- #1379

Both of these dudes' names were dirt coming into this season, and there was a lot of discussion about whether either could rebound. One of them did. The other one, uh ... not so much. Bay could be a beast with Boston next year. Meanwhile, the Dodgers will keep paying Andruw Jones big money to guard to clubhouse PlayStation.

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Daniel Aubain said...

I will be pursuing Rios in drafts next year. I'm hoping the power will come back but I will be happy if he duplicates .291-91-15-79-32.