Friday, November 7, 2008

Top 10 Pitchers of 2008

With offseason awards about to be annouced, I wanted to get to the top 10 pitchers list.

Again, I had the pleasure of competitively participating in 10 fantasy baseball leagues (eight Yahoo, two ESPN) of varying types (rotisserie, head-to-head rotisserie, points, head-to-head points) and each format produced a slightly different Top 10. Let's take a look at the results from five different formats:

ESPN Player Rater
1. Lincecum; 2. Cl. Lee; 3. Sabathia; 4. Halladay; 5. J. Santana; 6. Harden; 7. Rivera; 8. Webb; 9. Haren; 10. E. Santana

Yahoo Rotisserie
1. Halladay; 2. Sabathia; 3. Rivera; 4. Cl. Lee; 5. Lincecum; 6. J. Santana; 7. Harden; 8. Hamels; 9. Soria; 10. Nathan

ESPN Head-to-Head Points
1. Sabathia; 2. Lincecum; 3. Cl. Lee; 4. Halladay; 5. J. Santana; 6. Webb; 7. F. Rodriguez; 8. Rivera; 9. E. Santana; 10. Haren

Yahoo Points
1. Lincecum; 2. Sabathia; 3. Halladay; 4. Cl. Lee; 5. J. Santana; 6. Webb; 7. Haren; 8. E. Santana; 9. Burnett; 10. Billingsley

ESPN Head-to-Head Rotisserie
1. Halladay; 2. Sabathia; 3. Lincecum; 4. Cl. Lee; 5. Rivera; 6. J. Santana; 7. F. Rodriguez; 8. Hamels; 9. Webb; 10. E. Santana

Unlike the hitters, there isn't a clear "best" pitcher. Lincecum and Halladay each lead a list two times, while Sabathia took the lead in the fifth.

Some other interesting notes, Mariano Rivera ranked higher than Frankie Rodriguez (and his 69 saves) in three of the four lists, while Joakim Soria and Joe Nathan ranked higher than KROD in one format, as well.

A case could be argued that Sabathia had the best overall numbers but will not qualify for EITHER Cy Young award. Is it CC's fault that he got traded to the NL at midseason and therefore not eligible for an individual award?

So I will go ahead and use this information to predict the top three finishers in the AL and NL Cy Young Awards.

AL Cy Young Award Winner: Cliff Lee
2nd Place: Roy Halladay
3rd Place:  Frankie Rodriguez

I chose Cliff Lee because I feel the voters (writers) are in love with the "story of Cliff Lee's success" in 2008.

NL Cy Young Award Winner: Tim Lincecum
2nd Place: Brandon Webb
3rd Place: Johan Santana

I think Lincecum is the best pitcher in the NL and will be for some time to come (depending on where CC lands).

How do you rank the top three AL and NL Cy Young Award standings?


Daniel Aubain said...

Looks like I nailed the NL Cy Young in the exact order. Let's see how I do with the AL.

Bob Taylor said...

I want to know who the one dipshit is who voted for Votto over Soto for ROY. Must have been an Ohioan.

"Ohioan" ... is that even a word?

Daniel Aubain said...

2-for-2 on the top three for each award so far! The numbers simply don't lie.