Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hurler about to get a fancy makeover

At the beginning of this month, I started posting again, intending to get back in the groove of updating Fantasy Hurler on a regular basis as we approach the 2009 season. As you may have noticed, that didn't happen, and this site hasn't been updated in almost two weeks.

Fear not: There's a damn good reason this time. In just a few short weeks, Fantasy Hurler will be moving off Blogger to become part of the Bloguin network. As part of the move, the site will be getting a complete makeover, which I've quietly been working on behind the scenes. That's why there has been no posting. (Also, I want all of our 2009 stuff to be at the new site, so we're going to take a short break from writing until the all new version of Fantasy Hurler goes live.)

The new site is going to be a huge improvement over the old one. Along with the fancier, more attractive design, we'll be adding new features, including a forum where we can hold public bitch sessions about why David Price isn't living up the the hype, as well as converse about what rules and regs make for the best fantasy baseball experience.

The plan is to be up and running by mid-January, so while things will be pretty quiet until then, expect an explosion of content once the new site is up. I hope to bring onboard a couple more writers for the '09 season and still plan to hold the first annual Fantasy Hurler Baseball League -- a six-month battle between Hurler bloggers and Hurler readers for fantasy supremacy and bragging rights.

So, that's where we're at on our end. I know it's not yet Christmas, but with the winter meetings now ended and fantasy football season coming to a close, I'm starting to get psyched for '09 baseball. See y'all real soon at the all new Hurler.


alfonso said...

Nice. Your old layout is pretty good. Please don't do pull a Greener on the Other Side to Fantasy Phenoms type change. Their new layout is pretty clunky.

See you in January!

Bob Taylor said...

No worries, alfonso. We'll still have a fairly clean "bloggy" look. But we'll have two sidebars -- a right and a left -- as opposed to just the right, a fancy-shmancy header and a bit more color. Should be cool yet still easy to read.

Brian said...

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